Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Whilst the Board’s primary accountability is to its shareholders, it also tries to maximise value for all its other “stakeholders” including employees, customers, suppliers and the community at large, as well as considering the impact of its actions on health, safety and the environment.

Management at all levels is committed to taking account of its corporate social responsibility in its actions, endeavours to show due respect for human rights, and works to high standards of integrity and ethical propriety.

Employee Consultation
The Group values the involvement of its employees. It will continued to inform employees, through meetings, noticeboards and the internet, of matters affecting them and of Group performance.
Employee Development
The Group places great importance on the development and retention of staff. It operates a formal appraisal scheme whereby the employee and manager provide each other with performance feedback after commencement of employment and at annual intervals thereafter. At each of these meetings, objectives, against which performance is regularly measured, are set for the coming period and training needs identified.
Equal Opportunities
The Group is committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, irrespective of sex, gender orientation, marital status, creed, colour, race, religious belief, ethnic origin or disability.
Disabled Employees
The Group gives full consideration to applications for employment from disabled persons where the requirements of the job can be adequately fulfilled by a handicapped or disabled person.
Ethical Conduct
We expect our staff to act according to the highest standards of ethical behaviour covering such areas as fraud, conflict of interest, internet abuse, bribery and corruption.
Health and Safety
In this highly regulated industry, the maintenance and improvement of working standards to safeguard the health and well being of staff is a continuing priority
Suppliers and Customers
The Group believes that long term relationships, founded on trust and mutual advantage, are vital to its success. To foster these relationships, the Group promptly advises suppliers and customers of queries and contested items. It always endeavours to resolve any queries through dialogue and adopts a commercial stance in their resolution. Contract terms are clearly explained and payment terms are only extended with prior agreement.
The Environment
It is Group policy to operate in a responsible manner with regard to the environment. The Group, wherever possible, uses recycled and recyclable packaging materials, and it recycles waste paper.

The Group sets objectives to reduce waste, and engages with its staff, customers and suppliers with the mandate continually to find ways to minimise the use of resources.

Although the Group uses environmentally damaging or hazardous material, it ensures that all personnel receive appropriate training in its handling and all material is properly disposed of.