China Pyromedia Group ("The Group") is Asia’s largest pyrotechnic event production Company and a leading international supplier of pyrotechnic products and related services with over fifty-eight years of trusted experience in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

The Group offers dynamic pyrotechnic and multimedia event productions, product manufacture and specialist distribution, its own renowned brands and value added services including pyrotechnic logistics, export licensing and dangerous cargo warehousing. The Group is recognized as an industry pioneer, creating large scale firework displays, outdoor and indoor pyrotechnic productions, as well as, supplying pre-scripted programs and products to pyrotechnic professionals and commercial markets worldwide.

The Group now wishes to leverage its extensive industry knowledge, location and worldwide network to expand its business into the relatively new market of China, focusing on specialized event production, pyrotechnic products and technical services from its highly skilled and motivated workforce.

A founding member of the Hong Kong Pyrotechnics Association and long serving member of the America Pyrotechnics Association, National Fireworks Association, Pyrotechnics Guild International, PI and Regional Representative (Hong Kong) of the International Fireworks Association. The Group has been at the forefront of defining the industry within Asia Pacific for decades.

China Pyromedia Group aims to be recognized as an industry leader by offering broad and diversified event production, products and technical know-how that satisfies local market demands.

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