Our Heritage

The Group was established in 1952 as a joint venture with Dongguan Import and Export Natural Produce Corporation. The principle business was the manufacturing and trading of fireworks from China to Hong Kong, Macau and other countries in the Southeast Asian region.

In the late ‘50s, the company expanded the business globally. A decade later,the shooting team began to conduct firework displays across the Asia region. The Company grew rapidly in the 1970s as the U.S. opened its doors to China trading.

The Trading department was responsible for bringing to China new technologies and ideas from other countries around the world and also contributed towards significant changes to improve the quality of Chinese-made fireworks and the creation of a large pyrotechnic manufacturing industry in Southern China.

Today, the Trading side of The Group remains one of the largest exporters of fireworks to the U.S. market, with professional firework brand such as Thunderbird remaining at the forefront of firework manufacturing to this day around the world.

In 1994, the Multimedia department was formed individually. Over the past decade, the Multimedia department produced over 150 large scale firework display events and has won many significant awards both locally and internationally.
Throughout their 58 year history, the Group have established a globally unrivalled partnership in multimedia production, pyrotechnic display and related product trading.