Our Growth

China currently exports approximately 90% of the fireworks that are sold globally. The Group through its established trading links in China is well placed to expand its own product and OEM manufacturing capabilities.

The Group’s key growth strategy is to increase its own product portfolio and expand into new dynamic multimedia displays and event productions.

The Group plans to increase its sources of revenue by expanding into new markets such as Russia, Taiwan and Eastern Europe, as well as, domestically in China.

The management recognizes that to achieve this The Group needs to increase management, operational and sales personnel.

Part of the Group’s organic growth program has included the continued development and strengthening of its relationships with existing customers and suppliers in China. The Group continues to drive the business forward and may consider more formal partnerships and possible acquisitions of companies involved in its supply chain.

The Group’s long-term objective is to become globally known for the manufacture of high tech multimedia elements. Manufacturing of products will guarantee the Trading department’s continuous growth by entering into other markets beyond trading.