Future Plans

Future plans

Centred on positioning the Company not simply as a producer of pyrotechnic events, but to establish its position as a media owner:

  • Taking part in more pyrotechnic conventions and competitions around the world. Experience has shown that shooting demos and winning recognition through awards is an excellent way of increasing sales.  Trading department and show production departments’s ability to mutually support each other is largely evident in its overall marketing strategy and has shown to be mutually beneficial to both companies, for example Show production’s shooting of shows standing as valuable promotion to clients of Trading Department’s products   
  • Increasing public awareness locally and internationally through broadcast and print media
  • Delivering sample products supplied by the Trading department. and DVDs of Show production department's productions to a major client base
  • Printing of posters and calendars and banners
  • Establishment of website and web optimisation strategies
  • Traditional advertising in trade magazines, client catalogues and listing publications
  • To establish relations between Show Production Department and top PR and event companies worldwide

The Group is also aware of the need to promote itself more fully through the following strategies by hiring more qualified pyrotechnic technicians; establishing quality strategic partners; expanding its workshop; and establishing an office in Shanghai.


  • Leveraging of experience and reputation to enter new markets and to meet new regulations
  • Good connections in China to break into the manufacturing arena and acquire licensing for retail and wholesale markets.  Excellent market for shows.
  • Acquisitions and partnerships with companies within the present supply chain
  • Immediate opportunities exist in the Macau market, a territory where Trading department and Show production Company have existing relations.  Opportunities for Trading Company to focus on trading to new emerging territories such as India and Eastern Europe
  • Opportunities exist in the development of the indoor pyrotechnics market despite the fact that regulations have not yet caught up with product development
  • Long established relationships with China’s major firework manufacturing provinces such as LiuYang, Beihai and JiangXi.  Possibility to obtain licenses and accept government officials’ invitations to invest in warehousing in their provinces.  Such an opportunity would save logistics costs and enable Trading department to entertain requests by customers to pre-load products in China, thus saving on US labour costs.
  • By establishing itself as a public listed company, the Group will be forced to elevate its level of accounting and compliance.  Already compliant with Hong Kong accounting standards, the Group believes that it will take between two and three years to establish themselves as a global company.  By listing themselves as a public company and brining in external shareholders and investors, the Group will be able to leverage its experience and reputation towards expansion.  The issuance of options to core employees will provide the motivation required for loyal employees to grow with the business.