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2011.12.19 China Pyromedia Group Limited to once again organise New Year's event in Hong Kong
Corporate News CPG - English
Corporate News CPG - German

2011.10.08 Complete Coverage of: Change of Authorised and Issued Capital Completed as of September 26th Announcement

2011.10.01 62nd China National Day Display Fireworks, Victoria
Harbour, Hong Kong

2011.09.30 Dgap News: Increase of Nominal Value - German version dgap news - German
Dgap News: Increase of Nominal Value - English version dgap news - English

2011.09.21 Nikon Product Launch, Hong Kong

2011.09.06 Tsuen Wan 50th Anniversary Pyrotechnics Display, Rambler
Channel, Hong Kong

2011.08.31 Opening Ceremony of Imperial Springs International
Summit Hotel, GuangDong, China

2011.08.09 Travel Expert 25th Anniversary Dinner, HOng Kong

2011.07.06 Fireworks Display at Mission Hills, Haikou, China

2011.06.09 Florentia Village Grand Opening Ceremony Florentia
Village, Tianjin

2011.05.27 The Venetian Carnival - Samba Party, Macau

2011.05.14 The 3rd HK Games Opening Ceremony, Siu Sai Wan Sports
Ground, Hong Kong

2011.04.17 The 30th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony

2011.03.27 Hong Kong Sevens 2011 Closing Ceremony

2011.03.24 Mainvestor - CPG:GR - CEO CPG:CEO

2011.03.19 UBS Family Day and HKSAR Rugby Team Annoucement 2011

2011.03.11 Michael Buble - Crazy Love Tour

2011.02.28 Longines DolceVita Collection HK Launch Party

2011.02.08 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Display on German Internet News - Merian

2011.02.04 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Display launched successfully at Victoria Harbour News JPG

2011.02.04 Hong Kong Television Broadcast program - "Scope2011" Making of Fireworks Display Show in Hong Kong

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2011.01.01 New Zealand Herald News: CPG Fireworks Display in New Zealand Waitemata Harbour- Party Party Party!